Upcoming Programmes and Events in 2024

christian conference of Asia, Asia christianity

Executive Committee
16-19 January I Chiang Mai, Thailand

Programme Committee

Finance Committee

ATCHAA - South-Asia Sub-Regional Training on ‘Building Ecumenical Advocacy Networks for Combating HIV and AIDS’
24-26 January I Colombo, Sri Lanka

ATCHAA - National Training Programme in Laos
February I Vientiane, Laos

ATCHAA - Regional Consultation
March I Bangkok, Thailand

Consultation on ‘Situation of Asian Diaspora Migrants in Arabian Gulf in Post-COVID-19 Era’

ATCHAA - National Interfaith in Cambodia
April I Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Youth Programme – National
April I Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Good Governance
May I Jakarta

Asia Sunday
12 May

Artificial Intelligence
May/June, Seoul, South Korea

ATCHAA - Regional Youth Motivation programme
July I Bangkok, Thailand

Asian Ecumenical Institute
21 July-18 August I Chiang Mai

Myanmar Programme

Interreligious leaders’ summit
August/September I Bangkok, Thailand

ATCHAA - HIV and Disabilities
September I Bangkok, Thailand

ATCHAA - Health and Healing in the context of HIV and Vulnerabilities
October I Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Congress of Asian Theologians (CATS) X
October I Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

ATCHAA - Children infected and affected with HIV
November I Kuala Lumpur

Human Trafficking

EWAAV – National
Phnom Penh

EVAAV - South East Asia

EWAAV – National
Phnom Penh

Women’s Programme

Eco-Justice – Assembly theme

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