• Asian Christian Theological Task in the Midst of other Religious Traditions - Wesley Ariarajah

  • Towards a Dialogue of Liberation with Muslim - Thomas Michel, S.J

  • Christian-Muslim Dialogue in the Era of Globalization - Ibrahim M. Abu-Rabi

  • Response to Ibrahim Abu Rabi and Thomas Michel - Patricia Martinez

  • Visioning New Life Together Among Asian Religions: A Buddhist Perspective - Packiam T Samuel

  • Visioning New Life Together Among Asian Religions: A Buddhist Perspective - Sulak Sivaraksa

  • How to bring the Religions in Asia Closer to One Another? - Antony Fernando

  • Discovering a Common Horizon with the Hindu Traditions - Francis X D'sa, S.J

  • ncovering the Effects of the Hindu World Vision in Order to Recover its Potential for Nurturing New Life in Asia: A Response - Sathiananthan Clarke

  • Visioning New Life Together Among Asian Religions: A Hindu perspective -Swami Agnivesh

  • On Mastering Materialism - Swami Agnivesh & Valson Thampu

  • Popular Religion & Fullness of Life: An Asian Eco-Feminist Reflection - CHUNG Hyun Kyung

  • The Role of the Church in the Whole Dalit Issue with Special references to Dalit Christians - James Massey

  • LifeasaNewParadi-mforMln,ungTheology - KIM Yong-Bock

  • The Strategies for Life and Death - NOH Jong Sun

  • Towards an Asian Theology of Spirit - Soosai Arockiasamy

  • The Holy Spirit, the Life of the Suffering People - KWAN Jin-Kwan

  • Tribal Theology: Issue, Method & Perspective - A. Wati Longchar

  • Owning up to our own Metaphors: A Christian Journey in the Neo-Confucian Wilderness - KIM Heup Young

  • Christianity: Learning From Confucianism and Buddhism - YIM Tae Soo

  • Asian Minority People in Latin America: A Diaspora Theology - LEE Nam Sup

  • Third Congress of Asian Theologians - Concluding Statement


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