Calendar of Programmes and Activities 2019

CCA Officers’ Meeting  
January 15-16
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CCA Programme Planning & Staff Retreat
January 22-24
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Advocacy Meeting at UNAIDS (ATCHAA)
February 7-8
Bangkok, Thailand

Pilgrimage Team Visit to Burma-Thai Border
February 27-March 3
Mae Sot, Thailand

WCC PJP Asia Focus – 2019 & Reference Group Meeting
March 3-7
Chiang Mai, Thailand

ACISCA Executive Committee Meeting
March 18-20
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Regional Skill Building Workshop for HIV and AIDS Facilitators (TOT) (ATCHAA)  
March 19-21
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Consultation on HIV and AIDS Advocacy with Church Leaders and PLHIV Network (ATCHAA)        
March 22
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pastoral Solidarity visit to Bahrain
May 2-5

Ecumenical Enablers’ Training in Asia (EETA)-AMC Follow up
May 13-15

International Consultation on Statelessness and Trafficking in Persons
May 20-23
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Training on UN Human Rights Advocacy
May 23-25
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Assembly Planning Committee Meeting
May 27-28
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Advocacy at UN Women     
May 30
Bangkok, Thailand

Asia Sunday 2019
June 2
All in Asia

Staff Visit to Taiwan
June 1-6
Taipei, Taiwan

AEWA Preparatory Meeting
June 3
Taipei, Taiwan

Youth Motivation Program (ATCHAA)
June 21-23
Kathmandu, Nepal

Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI)
July 1-30
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Youth Leadership Programme
July 15-16
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Finance Committee Meeting     
July 15
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

CCA Executive Committee Meeting        
July 16-18
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Congress of Asian Theologians (CATS IX)
August 5-10
Medan, Indonesia

Facilitating Ecumenical Learning between Churches in Asia on HIV and AIDS Advocacy (ATCHAA)
August 21-23
Myanmar &  Indonesia

Advocacy Meeting with the Government of Bhutan and PLHIV Network (ATCHAA)

Youth Motivation Program to Combat HIV and AIDS (ATCHAA)
September 17-20

EWAAV: Sub-regional Consultation on Women Against Violence
October 1-3
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Follow-up Consultation on Human Sexuality and Reproductive Health (ATCHAA)
October 9-11
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Consultation on Sustainable Development Goals and Diakonia
October 21-25
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Eco-school and IR Group meeting
November 4-17
Chiang Mai, Thailand

AEWA Pre-assembly on HIV and AIDS (ATCHAA)
November 18-21
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Asian Ecumenical Women’s Assembly (AEWA)
November 21-27
Hsinchu, Taiwan

Consultation on Evangelism in an interfaith context
November 28 – December 2
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Programme Committee Meeting
Kerala, India

Asia Advocacy Network on Dignity and Rights of Children (AANDRoC)
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Consultation of Asian Ecumenical Disability Advocacy Network (AEDAN)
Colombo, Sri Lanka

Consultation on Changing Family Values in Asia: Tradition and Modernity
Chennai, India

Workshop on Violence and Harmful Practices (ATCHAA)
Kolkata, India


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