Challenge of kindling hope should be a missional priority, affirms CCA Executive Committee

Posted on July 15th, 2017

Ex-Comm-2017-Photo-FinalOpening session of the Executive Committee of the CCA — July 2017. 

“Despite many social and political reforms that have taken place in Asia, the continent is now facing the rise of religious fundamentalism and threat to peace and security,” said Archbishop (Euphorus) Willem T. P. Simarmata, Moderator of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA).

Speaking at the opening session of the annual Executive Committee meeting, held from 13 to 15 July 2017 at the headquarters of the CCA in Chiang Mai, Thailand, the CCA Moderator said that, “the churches and ecumenical councils in Asia have the responsibility to respond to such situations.”

The General Secretary of the CCA, Dr. Mathews George Chunakara, in his report to the Executive Committee, described the growing trend of religious intolerance, as well as the need for the reaffirmation of mission in a changing Asian context.

“The long-nurtured and cherished value of social and communal harmony is in peril in different Asian countries and concerted action to promote religious harmony and conflict resolutions in Asia should be a priority missional engagement of the churches.”

“The greatest challenge before the Church in Asia is to kindle hope in the hearts of millions of Asians, as they are looking for a ray of hope which will light up their lives and make all their struggles meaningful.”

“What Asia needs at this stage is the redemptive message of Christ; a message of hope for which the Church in Asia must become more an animator, facilitator, and accompanier, rather than a dominator, keen to exercise only “ecclesiastical authorities,” added the CCA General Secretary.

The Executive Committee in its various sessions received and discussed reports on programmes and activities, financial sustainability plans, and CCA’s pastoral solidarity team visits to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The Executive Committee also received reports from the Myanmar-based local host committees of the upcoming Asia Mission Conference (AMC) 2017 and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the CCA.

The Executive Committee endorsed the proposal of observing Asia Sunday 2017 on 15 October in a befitting commemoration with the local congregations of CCA’s member churches, and to keep the CCA in their prayers.





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