Celebrative worship opens historic Asia Mission Conference in Yangon

Posted on October 13th, 2017



Asia Mission Conference participants at the opening session on day one.

The Asia Mission Conference (AMC), organisedby the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA), opened during  a celebrative worship service and ceremony held at the Franc Auditorium in Yangon, Myanmar.

The opening service of the mission conference, led by a group of Asian ethno musicologist and liturgists,included moving litanies of prayers, lamentations, cries and hopes from the churches in different corners of Asia. An Indonesian dance troupe from the Jakarta Theological seminary presented a performance during the worship service.

Attended by more than 600 registered delegates and participants representing CCA member churches and councils as well as representatives of ecumenical organisations and mission partners, the weeklong AMC will focus on the theme, ‘ Journeying Together: Prophetic Witness to the Truth and Light in Asia”.

Archbishop Willem T.P. Simarmata, moderator of CCA in his opening address spoke about the challenges Asia and Asian churches face today, and  he called for  Asian churches’ participation in God’s mission and prophetic witness.

In his introductory address CCA General Secretary Dr. Mathews George Chunakara stated that every moment we realize and recognize that Christians do not have the monopoly of God’s mission. What we experience today is  a mission in the midst of missions. Several Asian countries have become missionary battlefield and experiencingaggressive missionary evangelism.  This situation urges us to be seriously and constantly engaged in reflecting on Gods mission in this world.

The CCA General Secretary added that “the AMC organised by the CCA is an humble effort for Asian churches to come together in a common platform to contemplate and dialogue with each other on mission and witness of  churches in Asia. He added that “this is  an integral component of the life and witness of the Asian ecumenical movement.”

Mathews George  expressed deep appreciation and thanks to the Myanmar Churches for their gracious hospitality and welcome.

Vice Moderator Rev. Diana Tana, in her homily at the opening service said, the future of the Christian mission in Asia, asking, “What does the Lord require?” She emphasized the need for partnership to find the new right path and the importance of listening to God’s voice for the challenges ahead and for liberation from oppression.

Describing what true partnership in mission entails, she said, “Heading in the same direction, sharing equal responsibilities, listening to each other and respect for each other’s abilities.”

Representing the host committee leadership, Patrick Laing Tone, President of the Myanmar Council of Churches,  and Rev. Dr. Pau of the Myanmar Baptist Conventionwelcomed delegates  and participants to the AMC  and the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of CCA .

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