CCA Prays for a successful Inter-Korean Peace Summit

Posted on April 26th, 2018


As North and South Korean leaders are preparing for an inter-Korean summit, the Christian Conference of Asia’s (CCA) staff community organized a special prayer at the CCA headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand for a successful outcome of the summit.

The historic summit will take place on the southern side of the truce village of Panmunjom on Friday 27th  April 2018, only the third of its kind after two in Pyongyang, North Korea the last 11 years ago.

In a statement issued by CCA on Inter-Korean Peace Summit, the General Secretary Dr. Mathews George Chunakara, stated: “It is our fervent prayer and hope that the North and South Korean leaders will work out a suitable solution based on equality, mutual respect, mutual benefit, and peaceful coexistence”.

“It is also our sincere hope  that a successful  inter-Korean meeting will pave the way for a highly anticipated encounter between the North Korean leader Kim  Jong Un and the U.S. President Donald Trump”.

The CCA General Secretary further stated that “President Trump’s support to North and South Korea “to discuss the end of the war” is a significant turning point in international relations and diplomacy. However, sustained efforts to keep the momentum of the new enthusiasm are vital to pursue the spirit of the new initiative”.

 As the two Koreas technically are still at war with each other, the relaxation of tensions between the two Koreas is long overdue.  

Dr. Mathews George Chunakara further added: “CCA and its member constituencies in Asia are encouraged that the two Koreas are forging a path towards peace. The CCA unswervingly reiterates its support to the call by the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) and member churches to replace the 1953 Armistice Agreement with a Peace Treaty”.

CCA urged its members and all peace-loving people around the world to pray for the success of the inter-Korean summit, as the leaders of both Koreas are committed to work together this week towards reconciliation and peaceful coexistence in the Peninsula.

Click here for the full text of CCA’s Statement on Inter-Korean Summit

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